The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Winter 2015 - Page 15

Delia is a Sr. Corporal in the Dallas Police Department.

She joined Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. at Alpha Chapter, Fall 1998 and graduated as an English Major from Epsilor Chapter.


Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor






TexasTech University

Why did you start KDChi?

We (founders) felt that a large group of Hispanic girls on the Texas Tech campus yearned for an organization where they could “belong”. We founded KDChi as a Christian - based service organization/sorority rooted with the values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity and Leadership.

What do you hope that KDChi does for other young women around the country?

It is my hope that KDChi would instill a sense a belonging to our KDChi “family” and that they know our family can be found all over the country. I hope our sisters treasure the values our sorority was founded on and that the skills and experiences while in the sorority, will benefit them through all areas of their future lives.

What most surprises you about the legacy and reputation that KDCHi has built over the years?

I know I speak for all founders when I say that we never cease to be amazed at how much and how fast KDChi has grown over the years. We never fathomed it would ever expand beyond Texas Tech! We are so proud of each chapter for embracing our promise of ensuring our sorority never dies. We are extremely proud of the reputation KDChi is known for--of being a service sorority whose members demonstrate the leadership skills and strong values which the universities’ leaders and community members look to and honor.

Did Tessie ever attend KDChi events when she was growing up with you?

No, she was never able to physically attend any of the events with me, however, once I returned from a function, she would proudly sit listening to the events were about.

Did you always know that Tessie would be a KDChi?

Although that was my preference, no, I didn’t always know she’d be KDChi. As her mom I always spoke to her about KDChi. When she was applying to colleges her senior year, I would jokingly say, “You can go anywhere there is a KDChi chapter, if not you will have to start a chapter!”

In the end, I have always given her the will to choose her path in life and although I encouraged her to join KDChi, I knew that it would ultimately be her choice to join as I would not want her to join to merely please me if her heart was not in it.

Was KDChi something you always marketed or promoted to Tessie as an option, or did you really have to?

I didn’t have to market or promote it, as a founder and as her mom she grew up hearing about KDChi. She would see pictures of events/conferences I attended and would sit with me as I would go through the KDChi website and we’d be in awe at how large KDChi had grown! When she was applying to colleges her senior year, I would jokingly say, “You can go anywhere there is a KDChi chapter, if not you will have to start a chapter!”

How did you feel when Tessie first spoke to you about actually attending the KDChi informationals and events?

I was so happy! I prayed about it and asked God to give her the wisdom to choose wisely. I wanted her to choose KDChi because she believed in it and not just because I was a founder and her mom.

Were you there at her pinning and how did you feel?

Yes, I was invited to pinning. It was so amazing—an absolute honor and privilege to be able to pin my own daughter! As you can imagine, it was a very emotional and personal event for me.

What do you hope she feels about the sisterhood that you currently feel?

I hope she feels blessed and proud to belong to such an amazing sisterhood and that she appreciates each KDChi sister that makes up our sorority.

How amazing does it feel to share not only the mother-daughter bond with her, but also the KDChi sister bond?

It feels amazing knowing that in addition to the mother/daughter bond, we share an extra bond through KDChi. We are mother/daughter/sisters who share many experiences that unite us through our values and experiences.

Please finish this sentence: KDChi has changed my life by...

Giving me a thankful and grateful heart for all the wonderful sisters that comprise KDChi! I firmly believe that one idea entrusted to God can impact and make a difference for so many people!

What is the legacy that you hope KDChi will leave lifetimes after you and I have left this earth for greener pastures?

I would hope that KDChi will instill in each and every sister the importance of sisterhood and service. I would hope that each one of our sisters appreciates and stresses the importance of how KDChi is unique in that the values which are our foundation will apply to us as not only as sisters, but in our future roles as leaders in our families, work place and communities.

Tessie Ledesma

Alpha Delta Texas A & M Kingsville

When do you first remember hearing about KDChi?

I first heard about KDChi the moment I was born. Ok not literally, but being a founders daughter it was always talked about. I didn't know exactly what this 'Kappa Delta Chi' my mother spoke of fully was until I was old enough to understand.

When did you first know you wanted to be part of the sisterhood?

I first knew I wanted to be apart of the sisterhood when I realized I was a legacy, a founders daughter. I knew that I wanted to continue on what my mother did and hope to be as good as a leader that she is.

Why did you join KDChi?

I joined KDChi for a number of reasons! I love everything they stand for and how passionate they are about their sorority. I yearned for a sisterhood bond and Kappa Delta Chi was always my first choice.

Did you always know that you would be a KDChi?

In a way, I guess I did always knew I wanted to rush KDChi, however I was also very open to all the other sororities here at Texas A&M University - Kingsville. I had an open mind going into each rush event. They were all wonderful sororities with so much to offer but i wanted to continue my mothers legacy.

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