The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. | Fall 2014 - Page 19

The Outstanding Chapter of the Year award, aka the Penny Penguin Award, is given to the Kappa Delta Chi chapter which best represents the values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity, Leadership and Sisterhood. It is a chapter whose members excel in academics, community service and communication with the National Council. This year, the award recipients are the sisters from KDChi's Delta Chapter at The University of Arizona. This year brought many changes to the Delta Chapter, they took advantage of those changes and took the opportunity to create a bond amongst sisters that made them stronger.

The sisters of Delta chapter took the time to get to know each other again, on a personal level, which strengthened the sisters’ relationships in both business and sisterhood.


Spring semester, they did not have a New Member class and this allowed them to get to know one another not just as sisters, but also as friends. They dedicated more time to their sisterhood allowing them the opportunity to interact and build a relationship with those sisters whom they had not had the opportunity of getting to know. Many traditions made a comeback to the Delta Chapter in that time as well. They had KDChi Thanksgiving for the first time in two years and received lots of positive feedback on the success of the event! Another event that made a comeback was the Big Sis, Little Sis Social. In the spirit of Founder’s Day, they hosted a potluck at a park and were able to reconnect with area alumni, who came to support and enjoy one anothers company.

Sisterhood retreats included a lot of teamwork. They chose a camping outing in the fall and while most sisters had never done such a thing, they worked together to build tents, light fires, and the experience is still one of their favorite chapter memories! For a spring retreat, they upgraded their tents to a log cabin. It was one hour away from Tucson and the bonding started on the drive and over music and car karaoke en route to their location. Bonding continued throughout the trip as they strolled, cooked, sang and did arts and crafts together.

Through the year they hosted smaller events like sleepovers, hiking socials, dinner at Applebee’s after chapter meetings, frozen yogurt and even a roller-skating social. The events weren't all planned, some just came together and allows them to bond even more because they do it without thinking. They have

KDChi's Delta Chapter, The University of Arizona