The Emerald Newsletter | Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. | Fall 2014 | Page 20

allowed them to grow so much as a chapter. This time together has brought them closer than ever.

Community Service

The drive to serve is something that sets Kappa Delta Chi Sorority apart from any other Greek organization on campus. KDChi's Delta Chapter provides 800 community service hours each semester. The chapter prides themselves on their ability and dedication to make a difference in the Tucson community and surrounding areas.

They ask each sister to volunteer a minimum of 12 service hours at their local non-profit, Project YES. Project YES is an after


program in

South Tucson

that assists

children from

low economic

areas. The

sisters organized

events, such

as Arts and

CraftsDays and

their annual KDChi

Carnival. The sisters donated their time, and supplies for children including paper, pencils, books and snacks.

Other service events they participated in were Habitat for Humanity, where the sisters helped build homes for low-income families and Cats in the Community, a three-day event hosted by the University of Arizona where students help renovate schools and clinics in the area.

Construction work seems to

be the Delta Chapter’s favorite type of volunteering. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty!

The Kappa Delta

Chi Sorority, Inc.



is the American

Cancer Society,

so it was

important for

the sisters of

Delta Chapter to

educate their peers

and sisters on what some may not know about cancer. As a Latina founded sorority, they saw it fitting to focus on the cancer that affects Hispanics the most, breast cancer.


At The University of Arizona, sisters of Delta Chapter are known for professionalism within their council. They want to show other Greeks on campus, and more importantly themselves, that they have a sisterhood unlike any other. It is their mission to be leaders on campus, off campus, in meetings and within the sisterhood.

KDChi Delta Chapter sisters are active in a variety of leadership positions, such as:

Alpha Kappa Psi, Eller Hispanic Honorary, Peer Advisor for the Student Support Service/TRIO Program, American Chemical Society Hach Scholar, Gilman Scholars to study abroad, in Brazil, Pathways to Academic Student Success, Prodigy,

Resident Assistants, Criminal Justice Association Club and the Millennium Scholars.

The chapter takes great pride in knowing that Delta Chapter sisters are making a difference on campus by taking the initiative to be involved in various campus organizations.