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The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 7 Organic (who cannot provide his name, as the federal government does not condone marijuana in any form at this time), who tells me that the trick to treating pests on tomatoes is consistency and confusion. You need to mask the smell of disease on your plants because it is an attractant to other pests, which is how things go bad so fast. To accomplish this, you may want to purchase organic bug sprays recommended at your grow supplier as well as make a few of your own. Tractor Supply has these awesome spray bottles for 99 cents as well as supplies too. The BLUNT Truth Homemade Spider Mite Treatment: • ¼ c apple cider or white vinegar • 1 c water • 1 tsp baking soda • 3 drops Dawn dish soap (blue) • Mix all, allowing baking soda to interact with vinegar, then relax. Put all in spray bottle, shake gently, add ½ tsp Neem oil then spray on all parts of plants, focusing on undersides of leaves where mites like to live. Aphids: Aphids flourish in an environment where there is too much wet. Counter-intuitively, Spider mites love hot dry environments with you may want to start by spraying the aphids off your plants with water. Aphids underwatered plants. If you can increase cannot crawl back onto a plant once your humidity and lower your temps, that’s removed. If your indoor plants have aphids, a good start. If your plants are flowering, insecticidal soaps, Neem oil or horticultural a good hosing (gently) to remove them is about half the job done. The other part is oil can control spider mites, but stay away to cut back on watering. The best way to from pyrethrum, which can be used any destroy aphids is through ladybugs and other time in your plants’ life cycle. What’s lacewings, but here’s a recipe: concerning about spider mites are their adaptability. They can adapt to a chemical • 1 Tbsp. Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap quickly, so three treatments of any one • 1Tbsp Veg oil organic control should be your limit. Treat • 1 cup water your plants every five days, in the early • part of the day (your first cup of coffee Mix all in a spray bottle and spray in should still be warm), after spritzing the crevices, on nodes and under leaves about plants lightly with water, making sure to once every four days. treat everywhere, especially under leaves. Two tried and true ways to get rid of mites Fungus Gnats: are Diatomaceous Earth and getting some Spider Mite Lady Bugs. If those two are not readily available, Neem Oil can help if they Fungus Gnats have moved in this year and with all the rain, they may be around for a aren’t too far in. Spider Mites Page 9 while. They are very inconvenient and can decrease your plant health, opening it up for other disease to move in. You don’t want to ignore them. The first thing you need to do is STEP AWAY FROM THE WATERING CAN. These buggers like your wet soil. They leave their babies there, blech. Put a layer of sand on top of your soil, about an inch or two, and reduce the humidity if your grow op is indoors. Some people suggest Gnat Nix, but I cannot speak to it. I do know that these things are what happens when the gates of Hell have opened up but the Devil went back downstairs to take a phone call. If these things have moved in, get blue fly strips and place as many as you can tolerate (away from pets!). They will die fast and they don’t bite but I’m not a fan of bugs in my food and drinks. We hope you have a great grow season. If you have grow tips that have worked well for you, we’d love to hear about them. Send your special tips to: amy@thecurrentbuzz. net Tulsa’s Premier Cannabis Dispensary! KING CRONIC 6849 S Peoria Ave - Suite B Tulsa, OK 918.493.3401 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK