The Current Buzz Newspaper VOL 2 ISSUE 7 | Page 8

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 7 Page 8 The BLUNT Truth The dirt on DIRT , we’ll “bug” ya later by Amy Addams Many growers are well into the season, some into their second season, but 2019 has been tough. We’ve had a lot of rain (TOO much rain), pests, molds and just plain craziness. It’s been a season of ‘this is new’. Keep the faith. We’ve had crazy seasons before. Keep records. We are learning something new every day about this medical cannabis thing. imagine how smart we would be if we took a class on growing? Her soil selection is a room full of bags. Literally. She tells us that the biggest soil seller is Aurora Innovations’ 707 Root Organics from Colorado. It does well in this area, providing the right base. It is recommended that you wait 10-14 days before adding nutrients to it. We’re here to learn all we can to help you. Our goal is to gather as much data as possible and make it easy to understand then tell you where to go to get it. As any gardener will tell you, a great garden starts with a good foundation of good soil. Silt, sand, clay are all combined to create a bit of a loam soil that holds together when you squeeze it, but then falls apart. That is what grows good cannabis. If you are the kind of DIY-er that likes to claim that you did everything to grow your own, we found a ‘recipe’ on Leafly that pretty much covers it: However, if you are new to grow-your-own, don’t, just don’t. Right now, you want to see if you have the knack for it. Until you’re certain, spend the few bucks to buy soil at your local grow supply. We even went out and asked the staff at Skunk Grow Supply (located at 51 st and Memorial in Tulsa) what they recommend. Trish gave us a lot of help just off the top of her head. Can you If you are starting hydroponics, Skunk has a lot of knowledge, equipment, books, plant supplements, you name it, it’s there. Multiple shelves are stocked with all you need to be a successful medicinal cannabis grower, as is the brain power to get started. This is not a ‘jump in and see what happens’ thing. Smarten-up before you empty your wallet. Can’t get to Tulsa? Here’s a tip: buy soil used to grow tomatoes and your cannabis should do well too. Cannabis and tomatoes are very similar plants. Got bugs? GAH! They are awful this year! They are always awful, but this year, I swear there are bionic bugs out there. Turns out, I’m half right. I spoke with an employee at the USDA/ TUE & THU 1 - 6 PM and by appt