The Current Buzz Newspaper VOL 2 ISSUE 7 | Page 21

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 7 Page 21 The BLUNT Truth coming soon Answers from page 6: to a current buzz near you Keep on the lookout for The Current Buzz in upcoming months. We’re digging in to find out more on: • As a part of our federal looksee, we found a lawyer who may pull the greenhouse floor out from all of us on a technicality. Stay tuned for the story of the Addiction Lawyer who calls marijuana an addictive sub- stance and he says California grow- ers are ‘wrecking the state’ and kill- ing people with their chemical-laden weed. • Pregnancy and medical cannabis: a good thing or a big no-no? We’ll see what’s worked in other states. • Food! Now that you can extract, let’s make some dishes that take little time, taste delish and (most) won’t heat your kitchen too much. • The latest in the techno gadgetry to make your vaping, dabbing, smoking and edible experience an easy and pleasant one. • What do you crave when you vape? We want to know! We’re going out into the vaping wonderland to see the lay of the land (and the power the batteries). We also want to know what extracts, oils and such are Okie favorites? • We have our eyes on where your money goes when the government And we’ll have some surprises on the way puts your tax dollars to work. We’ll too. Stay tuned, Buzz Buds! find out what Oklahoma is up to with that 16%. Til Next Month - - • • • • Oklahoma Owned & Operated Home Growers Supplies Commercial Growers Supplies Dispensaries Supplies Bring This Ad For 15% OFF Your Total Order 1. Juicy Fruit 2. False. We’ll have a story on the legalities of medical marijuana in August. Stay tuned 3. Purple Haze 4. False. You cannot do anything with marijuana, including eat it in public. Vaping n public is also illegal. 5. False. If you buy your marijuana anywhere other than a LICENSED dispensary in Oklahoma, it is illegal. Buying marijuana on the streets from dealers is considered a crime just as buying prescription medications from someone on the street is illegal. 6. Buying marijuana in another state is legal if you use it in the other state but transporting it into Oklahoma is illegal. The same applies when patients transport marijuana into other states. 7. Girl Scout Cookies • Commercial Design & Installation • On Site and In Store Consultaion • More Than 2000 Products in Stock for ALL Your Needs 918-872-1112 [email protected] 311 N Aspen Ave Broken Arrow, OK GROW SUPPLY