The Current Buzz Newspaper VOL 2 ISSUE 7 | Page 20

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 7 The BLUNT Truth Page 20 THE SHAKEDOWN - juLY THE SOURCE EXTRACT MACHINE THE MAGICAL BUTTER MACHINE The Magical Butter machine is a foolproof way to make cannabis- infused butter. If you are a medical marijuana patient who prefers edibles over flower, this machine will enable you to make your own medicine. Their technology allows even the first timer to extract biomass (weed) directly into cooking oil, alcohol, and lotions. I enjoyed the herbal butter Cheryl made for me over the extract I concocted with vegetable glycerin. I was trying to make something I could vape in a cartridge and would be effective. My attempt failed, but I bet you will find plenty of uses for a Magical Butter machine. Warranty is invalid unless purchased directly from the manufacturer. For more information: The Source by ExtractCraft is a safe, efficient closed loop extractor ideal for home use. This machine allows you to reclaim the solvent (190 proof denatured alcohol) after the extraction process. Connect to your smartphone to automatically set your location’s altitude, allowing for optimal vacuum and temperature balance, for peak extraction performance at any altitude. On normal mode it operates at around 100 degrees to preserve terpene, aroma, and flavor. It was easy to make oil for tincture, but we found the process to shatter was more than we were willing to tackle. We liked the money saving feature of solvent reclamation but didn’t like the initial purchase price. Both of these machines work well for home extraction making your own medicine. However, we liked the Magical Butter machine best because of low initial investment and it cleans itself. If you enjoy edibles and oils, either of these machines will be a welcome addition to your home. EDITOR’S NOTE: The Current Buzz purchases every product reviewed. We do this to preclude companies seeking a favorable