The Current Buzz Newspaper VOL 2 ISSUE 7 | Page 19

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 7 The BLUNT Truth UNCLE FUDGE’S FAVORITES I keep hearing about a date coming up called OIL Day. Supposedly July 10 turned upside down, sideways and spun around will spell OIL. Another National Holiday for Cannabis Consumption. We didn’t need a holiday to smoke weed in the 70’s. We had a group of fellers in Tahlequah who got together daily with the sole intent of smoking a lot of pot. We called ourselves “The Smoke a Lid a Day Club.” In retrospect, it was pretty easy to smoke that much weed when it was “water leaves” and “spider tops.” Most of the plants would never mature because we kept pulling leaves off of them, putting them in a pillowcase, and throwing them in a clothes dryer at the laundry in hopes of drying the leaves sufficiently to smoke. Don’t misunderstand me. There was good pot in the 70’s. A few folks, who lived over near Stilwell, grew good pot on their chicken farm. They grew some big ol’’ buds we called “steer pods” because they didn’t have any seeds in them. Kinda like the calves who had been “cut” on our dads’ farms in order to keep them from tearing down the fence to get at the cows. So how does all of this B.S. tie into OIL Day? Well, I have been Page 19 puffing on a vape cartridge a couple of times while writing this article, so you can tell I am all over the place with this story. But what I really like about the vape cartridge is my ability to use it discreetly and effectively control my dosage. By taking a couple of very small puffs, I can medicate myself throughout the day without becoming too stoned to function in my daily life. I can partake just enough to manage my severe back pain without the use of oxycodone. That, my friends, is what medical marijuana is all about.