The Current Buzz Newspaper Vol 2 Issue 6 | Page 17

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 6 Page 17 The BLUNT Truth coming soon science of growing marijuana makes him fascinating (find him on Facebook, his page to a current buzz near you is insightful). We plan on learning more from him in future months, so keep it here We will have MUCH more in our July for Don’s little perlites of wisdom. GROW issue. We’ll get info from the pros, such as: We found another grower in Tahlequah: he teaches those who are interested in • Cuttings V Seeds. And the grow-your-own-ibuprofen and has a quaint winner is……. shop (next to Domino’s) where he holds • What is ‘super soil’ and is it classes on how to have your own little grow ‘super’ or just ‘nice’? operation consisting mostly of items you • what are the best soils? have around the house. We’ll have more on Additives? Lighting systems? this gentleman in our July grower’s issue, • Where is your money best so stick around (get it? ‘stick’ around?) for spent? more in July. • Is it worth it to grow your own? Oklahoma law allows patients to grow (pros vs cons) plants for personal use: six mature plants • Are aquaponics or and six seedlings at any given time. We’ll hydroponics worth it? help you sort through the grow materials, • little-known tips and tricks chemicals and supplements out there on One of the grow supply shops, Skunk Grow Supply, has a panacea of pot parenting experts who want to teach you the way to a greener thumb (and wallet) in weeks. There’s more to it (a LOT more) than some potting soil, growth accelerator and seeds. AND, gotta tell y’all – talk about being BLESSED! Oklahoma: take a bow, because you got some passionate medical marijuana growers. These people have been growing marijuana for many years (some for decades), they’ve learned many the market, so keep watching The Current hard lessons, but all along, they knew Buzz for all you need to know. that one day, their skills would be sought, so they honed those skills, read all they could, talked amongst themselves, took notes, compared notes, and when medical marijuana went mainstream, these guys and gals became our better angels (they just don’t know it yet). One better angel is Don the Grower at Skunk Grow Supply. Don has PTSD, has medicated with marijuana for years, and he is delightful to talk to and learn from. His passion for the art and Austin D. Page Cannabis Business Consultant Hydroponics Automation Expert 405.796.8454 [email protected] DISPENSARY LOCATIONS 8613 S. Western Ave OKC, OK 405-600-6218 3 S Sara Rd Tuttle, OK 405-474-2727 1280 N Eastern Ave Moore, OK 405-378-2267 1120 S Air Depot Midwest City, OK 405-4556535 NEW LOCATIONS COMING SOON