The Current Buzz Newspaper Vol 2 Issue 6 | Page 16

The Current Buzz Vol 2 Issue 6 Page 16 The BLUNT Truth THE SHAKEDOWN - june What’s New for YOU---R wallet You might want to reserve a hotel room near the Gateway Center in Collinsville, Illinois for The St. Louis Cannabis Expo is happening July 23-24 (in Illinois) if you are serious about retiring rich. The cash crop to cash in on is marijuana and if you want to line your account right quick, there are advisers at this Expo to help you on the path to riches. One of the current roadblocks is that marijuana is still a cash-only biz, at least until Uncle Sam gets with the plan. Of course, cash is still a useable form of currency, but a bit of a hassle for mailing your mortgage. We have high hopes that our federal decision makers will soon see the light. Find out more about the canna-biz at Even Kitch is Kitsch is Catch and easy to understand and use. (www. Why it’s critical to buy from a licensed dispensary out of your mouth. Hayneedle has a CVault; a container that keeps your marijuana fresh. No air or light gets in, keeping your medicine completely free of contaminants. Made of 18/10 food-grade stainless steel construction, it comes in multiple sizes, the largest is 4.75 inches diameter by 2.5 inches tall and usually costs only $35, it was on sale for $22 over Memorial Day Weekend. Added perk: Hayneedle has a lot of hydroponic mini garden supplies that won’t break your bank account. Many can sit on your kitchen counter quite nicely. Kitchen catalog suppliers are in on the 4-2-0 with supplies you’ll need to prepare, grind, dry, dab, vape, smoke and store your medical marijuana (or your Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee or Spanish Saffron) properly. And, of course, many look like high-tech, stainless steel complex medical devices requiring specialized training and a pantry all their own so the waffle iron doesn’t feel inferior. High Times will be happy to tell you what you need, but we are happy to tell you about the crazy tech tools Save room in that catch-all drawer for some of those little things you need to make the you might want to buy because they are best use of your MM; if you like to wear fun. your vaping pen like a pro, Accuvape has Williams-Sonoma has a Breville Smoking something called the C.Stick. It looks like your everyday pen but works with Gun for $99 (minus $15 when you sign- cartridges, charges with a wireless USB up for e-mails); imagine your friends’ charger and has a lifetime warranty. It runs amazement when you whip this little baby about $30 (which is a good price for a out and spend 90 minutes trying to figure worthwhile product) and looks to be sturdy out how it works while your tongue hangs One thing Oklahoma may have gotten right by waiting to enter the Medical Cannabis game is that it gave Oklahoma the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. One error in judgment some are doomed to repeat is ‘cheaping out’ buying junk rather than buying the good stuff. Trying to save a few bucks can turn into a total loss if you are buying from a disreputable vendor. California is suffering the effects of dispensaries that refuse to go through the process of proper licensing, inspections and regulations and therefore have been selling product contaminated with chemicals such as malathion, myclobutanil and bifenazate, all of which can lead to scary health issues if consumed, organ failure being one of them. Blindness being another. Off-brand medical marijuana is not like generic medication; you will get what you pay for. Take a lesson from California’s playbook and always buy from a trustworthy licensed dispensary. Ready, Steady, GROW! Growing your own Medical Cannabis can put lots of (both kinds) of green back in your pocket if you are willing to invest a little time, effort and money into growing your own personal stash. There are local folks who want to help you do it on the cheap and they are willing to impart their snippets of knowledge your way.