The County High School, Leftwich | Page 16

Education for Life

Education for Life provides students with the opportunity to develop socially , morally , spiritually and culturally by using philosophy and ethics to help understand life experiences . Every opportunity is taken for students to : be reflective on their own beliefs and others ’, develop a moral purpose , use and develop a range of social skills and to understand and respect a full range of cultural influences .
Education for Life is built up around three core themes : relationships ; living in the wider world ; and health and wellbeing . Through these topics students are encouraged to live healthy , safe , productive , responsible and balanced lives . They are encouraged to play a part in society as active and responsible citizens and help to achieve the 17 sustainable Global Goals . In doing so , it enriches students ’ awareness and confidence to discuss , debate and make critical decisions about how to stay safe , healthy , and prepare them for life and work in modern Britain .
Teaching is brought to life using scenarios , real issues or events in local or global contexts and videos , so that , students are more mindful of the world around them . Learners are provided with opportunities to reflect on , clarify their own values and attitudes , and explore the complex and conflicting range of values and attitudes encountered now and in the future . Education for life will create opportunities for learners to develop their communication skills , their social and cultural awareness , and determine their own morality . This will not only improve their academic potential but will ensure that they leave school equipped with skills they can utilise beyond their time here at the The County High School , Leftwich .
“ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ” - Nelson Mandela