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Major improvements made in Bakersville

This year as the Bakersville community is getting ready for its annual homecoming , which will be Friday through Sunday , Aug . 12-14 , the two pulling committees have been working for months on major improvements to the pulling grounds . Earlier this year the two committees saw the old fence was in bad shape . Pullers were wanting a longer track . The pull ’ s insurance was wanting better safety measures to protect spectators .
This year will be the 39th antique pull on Friday night , and Saturday and Sunday will be the 70th annual stone boat pull . Both are major fundraisers for community organizations . The pulls raise about 25 % of the Bakersville
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This picture is from the very first Bakersville Tractor Pull on Aug . 10 , 1951 . Charles Mizer is pictured on the tractor , and Bud Hawk , who was later a Coshocton County commissioner , is at right on the ground judging . This year will be the 70th annual stone boat tractor pull . There was no homecoming in 1952 due to polio and in 2020 because of COVID .
Cemeteries Maintenance Fund and 63 % of the Bakersville Community Park ’ s

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BF-8775 income and are a major fundraiser for the Progressive Livestock 4-H Club , the Ridgewood FFA and the Bakersville Volunteer Fire Department . Without the income and community support , these organizations would be hard pressed to have funds to operate .
The pulls also are a major event in a farming community . For the youth it ’ s a rite of passage to adulthood when they get old enough to compete . For the adults it ’ s bragging rights and competition .
For the antique pull , pullers are expected this year from three states . Last


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year the three days saw 568 hooks , a new record . Weather permitting , the pulls will be bigger this year .
The stone boat crew of Christopher Everhart , Ryan Lahna , Dustin Westhoefer , Jared Hamilton and Cameron Mizer and the antique pull crew of Terry Mizer , Cameron Mizer , Bob Zinkon and Larry Stahl outlined a game plan and goal . Spending many hours and with the support of the community , the entire project was funded and completed .
The improvements included buying culvert and filling in the ditch at the end of the arena so the pulling track could be extended .
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Several improvements were made this year in Bakersville including a new announcer stand and cement barricades placed to protect the spectators .
The arena fence was completely replaced with a new one built . The fence also was lengthened 80 feet . A new announcer stand was built . Cement barricades were placed to protect the spectators . Drainage pipe was installed around the arena to improve pulling conditions . The scales were recalibrated , and a new display head was purchased . A new arena sign also was installed .
The total cost of this project was about $ 17,000 .
Pulling is an honored tradition and will continue for years , thanks to the support of the Bakersville community .
On Friday , Aug . 12 , the antique pull with 59 classes will start at 2 p . m ., and the chicken barbecue will start at 4 p . m . The stone boat pull with three classes will start Saturday , Aug . 13 at 9:30 a . m . The tractor pull will start at noon with two classes on Sunday , Aug . 14 .
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