The Compass Winter 2022

A new Vision sets the path for Baylor Scott & White Health .

Launching a New Vision for the Future

our favorite retailer that understands your taste and points out items you love , a server who knows how you prefer your tea before you even sit down , the car dealership that alerts you when your vehicle is due for service : So many aspects of our lives are now personalized , offering us convenience and customization at every step and turn . Why should healthcare be any different ? That very question has driven Baylor Scott & White to envision a different future , one driven by a new Vision that is guiding the organization on this exciting journey .

“ Our System is embarking on a truly exciting time , and we couldn ’ t do it without such a talented and committed team .”

— Pete McCanna
With more choice than ever before , the communities Baylor Scott & White serves want a health partner that anticipates their needs , exceeds their expectations and is just as convenient as so many other parts of their lives . The system is reimagining how to put patients and customers in the driver ’ s seat of their health , so they are empowered to live their best lives .
Baylor Scott & White ’ s new Vision reflects a customer-centric focus , a discipline of learning and understanding what is most important to those we serve — our customers and patients — solving their problems and embracing the moments that matter . In addition to casting a new Vision , the system also has refreshed its Values and Focus Areas .
“ These changes reflect our customercentric focus ,” noted Pete McCanna , CEO . “ The insights we gain from those we serve will shape our approaches , with the goal of improving experiences and driving customer loyalty .”
Baylor Scott & White introduced this new Vision to team members during an
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