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Letter from the President

Leadership transitions bring new faces to an organization and also new aspirations . Baylor Scott & White CEO Pete McCanna and President Julie Creamer , partnering with physicians , nurses , staff and leadership across our System , are building a plan to propel us into the next decade with the same thoughtful approach that helped us thrive in the last . Alongside these efforts , Baylor Scott & White introduced a new Vision to guide our everyday work —“ Empowering you to live well .” This Vision brings enhanced focus and attention to delivering care , how , when and where our customers desire — to put it simply , we want to make care easier .
The Foundation team is excited about how our work will advance this Vision , and it ’ s already clear that philanthropy plays an incredibly important role . Pete McCanna said it best , “ Many of the programs surrounding a great patient care experience are those made possible by philanthropy , providing great solace and joy .”
I can point to very recent examples of support from our generous donors that are empowering patients and making care easier . At October ’ s Celebrating Women luncheon , we announced a new philanthropically funded patient navigator . This important member of our care team will walk hand in hand with Hope Lodge guests as they navigate their cancer journeys at Baylor Scott & White Charles A . Sammons Cancer Center . In addition , we have recently received several generous gifts to support the chaplaincy program at Baylor Scott & White . Chaplains provide around-the-clock support to our patients and team members through some of life ’ s most difficult moments . Our Vision serves as our guide , and programs like these , which focus on empowering our patients in their healing journeys , will continue to thrive and grow in focus , scale and impact . And philanthropy will continue to be integral to these efforts .
As we reflect on where we are headed together , one important point to remember is that sometimes the journey is even more important than the destination . We are grateful to have so many wonderful friends who are on this journey with us — your generosity , leadership and support are seen and heard on a daily basis . Here ’ s to the journey .
Ben Renberg President , Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation Ben . Renberg @ BSWHealth . org

Tis the Season to Give

End the year by making an impact .


Year-End Giving Tips

As you prepare to make end-of-year donations to Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation and other charities , consider these giving options before writing a check :
Appreciated stocks from your portfolio to avoid
capital gains tax and maximize your donation . Qualified Charitable Distributions from your IRA ( if you ’ re 70½ or older ) to donate pre-tax money that would otherwise be taxed as income . Grants from your donor-advised fund or foundation to use funds already committed for charitable purposes .
BSW Dallas Foundation does not provide legal or accounting advice . Please check with your attorney or tax advisor for any questions you may have .
For more information on charitable planning , contact Craig Foster at 214.820.8196 or Craig . Foster @ BSWHealth . org .
Life Savings , Saving Lives™
In the spirit of the holiday
Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation is pleased to acknowledge a gift in honor of Mrs . Jane Smith to Medical Education at Baylor Scott & White by John Smith

Holiday Tribute Cards

Honor a friend or family member while helping a great cause .

When you make a donation of $ 25 or more to Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation in honor of a friend or family member this holiday season , he or she will receive a beautiful holiday tribute card announcing your gift . These holiday tribute cards are the perfect way to let someone know you care — and help a great cause at the same time .