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Launching a New Vision for the Future …

inaugural System-wide Vision + Values Week Nov . 7 – 11 to ensure that both leaders and frontline staff are well equipped to support and engage with this new Vision .
“ Our System is embarking on a truly exciting time , and we couldn ’ t do it without such a talented and committed team ,” McCanna said .
With this new Vision , philanthropy will serve a critical role , helping Baylor Scott & White fulfill its Mission of promoting the well-being of all individuals , families and communities . Many programs that help patients feel supported on their healthcare journeys are oftentimes not reimbursed by insurance . This is where generous members of the community step forward to provide funding that helps make this caring touch possible , including : Patient navigators that help point patients to the right care for their needs . Chaplains who provide comfort and help patients with some of life ’ s toughest questions . Child life specialists who help explain and normalize the hospital experience for children . Music and art therapy , which can help lower patients ’ stress levels and blood pressure , and remind them of the joys of the human experience .
Spiritual care and outreach programs that provide resources to organizations in need locally and abroad . Programs for women at high risk for being diagnosed with breast cancer that include navigation and support through the emotionally gripping process of diagnosis and treatment . A free home away from home for patients with cancer and their caregivers who have to travel long distances for treatment , where they find a nurturing community and supportive , homelike environment , like the one at the American Cancer Society Gene and Jerry Jones Family Hope Lodge Dallas .
“ Customer centricity means considering every aspect of what we do from the customer ’ s perspective ,” McCanna said . “ When you look at healthcare from that perspective , you see that many of the

“… many of the programs surrounding a great patient care experience are those made possible by philanthropy , providing great solace and joy .”

— Pete McCanna
programs surrounding a great patient care experience are those made possible by philanthropy , providing great solace and joy . Generous donors have been instrumental in our ability to provide these programs , and they will continue to help us serve even more people with the kind of personalized care we all deserve .”
McCanna emphasized that as a Christian ministry of healing , it ’ s important for Baylor Scott & White Health to provide the kind of care anyone would want for their own families — and philanthropy serves an important role in making that possible .
“ Simply put , we have always been patient focused . Now , we are expanding our approach to better understand the challenges , the pain points and the wants and needs of those we serve — bringing new solutions to the table and breaking down barriers to deliver exceptional experiences in the moments that matter ,” McCanna said .

A Conversation with Pete and Julie

Pete McCanna , CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health , and Julie Creamer , president of Baylor Scott & White Health , sat down recently to chat about the system ’ s new Vision : “ Empowering you to live well .”
Pete : Our culture at Baylor Scott & White is deeply patient-centric . However , being a patient is episodic , while being a customer is continuous . By transitioning to “ customer-centric ,” that expands the lens . Our new Vision is about modernizing our health system and extending it , including how we interact with our customers before or even after we treat them . It ’ s really about considering their complete journey .
Julie : When we talk to consumers , they reinforce that receiving care is the most important thing to them , and they feel that we do a great job with that . But we know they have challenges along the way , and so being able to understand and solve for that is important .
Pete : Yes . We are expanding our mindset to put the customer in the middle , to truly listen to them , understand what they want and need , and then exceed their expectations . We are focused on finding ways to make what we do for them both smooth and proactive .
Julie : This is a win for all of us who work here at Baylor Scott & White , because we want to take great care of our patients . Having additional opportunities to make customers ’ lives easier is going to be really fun and exciting for everyone who works here !
Pete : I agree . This Vision builds on the strength of our brand across the many communities we serve and sharpens our focus on them . Not only do we need to continue providing the excellent care we ’ re known for , but we must also be a health partner that anticipates their needs , exceeds their expectations and is just as convenient as so many other parts of their lives : It ’ s healthcare when , how and where they want it . By putting patients and customers in control of their health , we will empower them to live well on their terms .