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with the disease over the last 12 months included a double mastectomy , reconstruction , 35 days of radiation and 20 rounds of chemotherapy . Krystal completed her final round of chemotherapy the day before the luncheon and was in the audience that morning . To help Krystal celebrate this important milestone , Elizabeth asked the audience to join in a ringing of the bell , sharing the significance of the action , “ You may know that at a patient ’ s last chemo treatment , they get to ring the bell to signify the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one . The bell ’ s sound is a celebration for the patient . It may sound like a sigh of relief for their loved ones . For other patients in the midst of their treatments , the sound of the bell can signify hope that one day they might be able to ring that same bell too . Let ’ s remember what we are doing here today will help make this bell-ringing possible for many more women .”
A dedicated duo

More than $ 1.5 million was raised to benefit Baylor Scott & White ’ s fight against breast cancer in North Texas .

This year ’ s featured guest , Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Arquette , sat down for an interview with journalist and moderator Rene Syler for a conversation about their shared commitment to advance the fight against breast cancer and their personal connections with the disease . Rene ’ s mother and father fought breast cancer , and she made the decision to undergo a prophylactic double mastectomy herself ; and after losing her mom to the disease more than two decades ago , Patricia has been a vocal supporter of early detection and an advocate in the fight against the disease . During the conversation , Patricia expressed her gratitude for the generous support of donors to advance the fight — like those who donate to Celebrating Women — sharing , “ My mom passed away when she was 57 from breast cancer . She was only three years older than I am now . Losing our mom was like walking around with an arrow through our bodies the rest of our lives . To see groups like this at Celebrating Women , where you ’ re reaching underserved women , where you ’ re making sure they get mammograms , where you have this Hope Lodge helping and this incredible support system when people need it most … it ’ s so beautiful because it ’ s terrifying as a family to be faced with a diagnosis like breast cancer .”
For information on Celebrating Women or how you can help support the fight against breast cancer , please contact Christina Goodman at 214.820.4408 or Christina . Goodman @ BSWHealth . org .
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7 . Karla McKinley rings a bell honoring Krystal ’ s final round of chemotherapy ; 8 . Tucker Enthoven , Amy Hegi and Libby Hegi ; 9 . Aileen Pratt , Leslie Diers , Lisa Cooley and Christie Carter ; 10 . Jill Smith and Betsy Sowell ; 11 . Rodrick Whitaker and Krystal Smallwood-Whitaker ; 12 . Ben Renberg and Annette Simmons ; 13 . Patron Party hosts Dwight and Claire Emanuelson with Pete McCanna
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