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Lindalyn Adams Legacy of Service Lives On .

The daughter of a candy maker , Lindalyn spent 91 years sweetening the City of Dallas through her many contributions . hen Lindalyn Adams received her first paycheck as an employee of the Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation in 2001 , she thought about asking her new employer , “ Are you sure ?” The always-a-volunteer had served as a Foundation board member for decades , and the the thought of now being paid for her service as an employee was something that took getting used to .
With a passion for helping others , however , an opportunity to work at the Foundation was yet another way she could
Lindalyn Adams with Jim Hinton and Margo Goodwin change lives for the better — this new role was the perfect fit for Lindalyn .
A native of Dallas and the daughter of a candy maker , Lindalyn first came to Baylor in 1970 , when her husband , the late Reuben Adams , MD , was recruited to be the first fulltime chief of the department of obstetrics and gynecology . Lindalyn began serving on Baylor Health Care System Foundation ’ s first board of directors in 1978 , the year it was founded , when she chaired Baylor ’ s Labor of Love campaign , raising $ 5.3 million to help fund the James M . and Dorothy D . Collins Women and Children ’ s Center .
Driven by the desire to give back , her contributions remain unmatched . Known as the “ historical caretaker of Dallas ,” Lindalyn had a hand in many initiatives to preserve the city ’ s history , including playing a major role in the creation of the Sixth Floor Museum in Dealey Plaza and Old City Park ( now Heritage Village ), and the restoration and preservation of the Old Red Courthouse .
Lindalyn became the first woman president of the Dallas Historical Society ,
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