The Compass Summer 2020

SUMMER 2020 A Baylor Scott & White Health nurse talks about being on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nursing in the Pandemic Registered nurse Candace Gersch dons PPE before caring for a patient. he’s dedicated her entire nursing career to critical care, working daily with the sickest of the sick, those in most desperate need of medical care. “While it’s not always the happiest place to be, it’s a privilege to get to help these patients,” Claire Motley, BSN, RN, CCRN, explained. Claire went into nursing specifically to work at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, and was drawn to critical care because of her passion for getting the details right. The role that already demands everything of her recently got even more challenging. When COVID-19 came to Texas, Claire and her fellow nurses were Claire Motley and husband Josch there on the front lines, daily facing down a pandemic that has most of the country gripped with fear. Claire leaves her home at 6:15 a.m., carrying with her everything she might need for a long day in the ICU, including meals and a change of clothes. It’s hard to know exactly what each day will bring. But one thing is for sure: Claire feels blessed to work alongside such a tight-knit group of nurses on her unit. Their close camaraderie has been leveraged in a whole new way in recent weeks. Nurses depend on each other for everything from help with getting into their personal protective equipment (PPE) to scheduling visits to each patient room, providing the best care they can for their patients while also conserving PPE and limiting exposure to the virus. “It’s a pretty extensive process to get into the PPE,” Claire explained. “It usually takes three people. So I have someone reading a checklist off and someone who’s helping me get dressed, and we Continued on pg 6 Inside this issue Departments 2 From the President 5 From the Chair Focus On: Research Dr. John Garrett 7 8 Coronavirus Research News, Projects & Campaigns 3 COVID-19 Community Response Update 4 Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation Virtual Board Meeting