The Compass Spring 2021

Ben Renberg comes home to serve Baylor Scott & White ’ s mission as Foundation president .

Texas Roots Run Deep for New Leader

he Texas town of Navasota is an outpost near College Station founded more than a century ago . It ’ s the kind of close-knit community where people learn to depend on each other , where working hard toward the community ’ s collective benefit is a way of life .
“ People in the community where I grew up worked hard , and a lot of the determination I bring to my work is rooted in how I was brought up ,” Ben Renberg said . “ In addition , I was surrounded by people who helped each other out along the way — it is a great community .”
Ben Renberg , recently named president of the Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation , has a commitment to service that runs as deep as his Texas roots . By combining that passion with decades of experience in leading successful fundraising teams , Renberg finds himself at home in his new role with Baylor Scott & White , where he will help the community connect with causes and ultimately drive care forward . “ We want to tell the story of philanthropy directly ,” he said . “ People have an appetite for connection to causes that speak to them .”
Growing up , Renberg felt that service to others was an integral part of his life , and through that , he came to understand the role that community support plays in healthcare . Alongside his grandfather , who logged more than 23,000 volunteer hours , Renberg volunteered at a local hospital , wheeling patients to their room and helping them meet their nurse . “ It was a different time ,” Renberg laughed , “ but it taught me at a young age how important healthcare was , and my grandfather set a good example of the difference that one person can make .”
Renberg started a career in business at age 12 , sweeping floors and making change at the local arcade . Seeing his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication , his grandmother gifted him with his own official business cards , “ reading ‘ No job too small ,’” Renberg said with a smile . “ I started my own little business with her .” Working for his community , Renberg approached his jobs with a service-oriented mindset , one in which mission matters . He brings this same
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