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COVER STORY Continued from pg 1 have the responsibility and the permission highest rated healthcare app in the iTunes or scheduling follow-up appointments. to engage our consumers in this digital App Store and on Google Play. “We as an organization need to know journey. We are trying to understand “Convenience will trump a brand, more about our customers and behave our consumers and are working hard to but a brand with convenience will be in a way that makes us proactive and eliminate friction and provide care at ease formidable,” Reddy explained. “We personable,” Reddy said. for them,” Reddy said. picked the top 18 things our customers On the quest to developing more digital capabilities, Reddy says that Baylor said they wanted and we built it for them.” The second phase, or “inning,” is the In the third “inning” is where he sees tools such as artificial intelligence, or AI, come to the forefront to help clinicians Scott & White is probably in the “second period Baylor Scott & White is in now, unlock the power of data to find precision inning.” The “first inning” consisted he says, which is to take the information medicine, a phenomenon Reddy predicts of asking 10,000 customers what known about each patient and use it to will be the biggest development in the convenience means to them. They used help that person achieve good outcomes, next decade or two. that information to make an app that is the whether that’s getting routine screenings Reddy for Getting to Know Nick Reddy Can you point to a life experience that shaped the way you think? My dad got really sick when I was that you are proud of? I asked my 4-year-old if he was hungry, and he said, young, and through that experience, “Perhaps.” I would argue that I realized how fragile life is and how is a complex answer for a life has an expiration date. I think 4-year-old! Then I asked him, about this constantly, and try to live “Do you know what perhaps to the fullest, because you never means?” And he looked know about tomorrow. at me and said, “You are Tell us about your family. As Winston Churchill once said, “My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife hurting my feelings.” What makes you laugh the most? Professional comedians to marry me.” For sure this is also true (late night shows, stand-up for me, I have been married to my wife comedy, etc.). I love the Anusha for 11 years and we have two way they take life’s truths boys, Luv (4) and Kush (2). and deliver them in a way What accomplishments/milestones have your children reached so far 4 THE COMPASS / BAYLOR SCOTT & WHITE FOUNDATION NEWS / SPRING 2020 that makes them funny. Nick Reddy, Chief Digital Officer “AI is the most powerful tool in