The Compass – Fort Worth Spring 2022 - Page 6


Another First for Tarrant County

ECPR program launched in partnership with MedStar

The ECMO team at Baylor All Saints Medical Center - Fort Worth hrough a partnership with MedStar , Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth has recently begun providing extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( ECPR ) to patients experiencing out-of-hospital cardiac arrest . ECPR is a combination of CPR that is delivered to the patient until extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ( ECMO ) can be administered at the hospital .
Known as the highest form of life support available , ECMO technology continuously pumps blood out of the body , sending it through a series of devices that add oxygen and remove carbon dioxide . The oxygenated blood is then pumped back into the body while easing the strain on the heart and lungs , making it possible for these organs to rest and heal . While on ECMO , the treatment team can determine a long-term treatment plan for the patient .
Studies show the rapid application of ECPR can temporarily support patients with cardiovascular collapse , while permitting an assessment of potential options to maximize long-term survival . “ Time is tissue ,” says Brian Chapman , RN and ECMO Program Coordinator . “ When a patient has been observed in the field in cardiac arrest and meets the ECPR criteria , studies show that the survival rate can go from 5 % to > 50 %.”
Extensive training and collaboration are required between MedStar and Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth to effectively identify patients , safely provide these resources , and achieve favorable survival rates to the target population .
Baylor Scott & White also recently partnered with BEST EMS to provide ECPR to the Arlington area .
At the height of the pandemic , philanthropic support allowed the hospital to purchase two additional ECMO machines in 2021 .

GME Match Day

It ’ s a match !

or medical students nationwide , Match Day , which takes place annually on the third Friday of March , is the day they find out where they ’ ll train next . The day is a culmination of emotions , including years of hard work and diligence . Oftentimes , the residency signifies a midpoint along what could possibly be an educational journey lasting seven or more years .
For Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth and the TCU School of Medicine , however , Match Day represents an annual opportunity to learn exactly who they will be training as the next generation of Fort Worth physicians .
As was true for our inaugural Match Day in 2021 , when we matched with our first group of residents , Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth learned on Match Day 2022 , that we matched 100 % of our available 42 residency spots !
New this year are residencies in Obstetrics / Gynecology , Emergency Medicine and Transitional Year ( a one-year residency that offers experience in several clinical areas while helping the resident prepare for a specialty field of medicine ). More than 3,300 applications were received and 649 interviews were conducted to select this new cohort of residents . In June , the hospital will welcome 15 Internal Medicine , six Obstetrics / Gynecology , six Emergency Medicine , and 15 Transitional Year residents to campus . As we build the programs out each year , by the 2027-2028 academic year , we expect to have a total of 150 residents on campus .
In addition to regular rotations within the hospital , residents participate in a variety of hands-on simulation and point-of-care training labs where they can participate in real-life scenarios . These simulation labs and trainings provide residents valuable opportunities to develop critical skills and confidence in their abilities .
Residency programs have a major impact on the health of a community .
Not only do they improve quality of care , patient outcomes , and patient experience , they increase access to care for uninsured and underinsured populations through community clinic rotations . Specifically for Fort Worth , this residency program serves as a recruitment tool for the city ’ s two medical schools and potentially will assist in keeping these newly trained physicians in our community for years to come .