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The State of Nursing

Through the Nurse Residency Program , the hospital has accelerated and scaledup the program over the next two years to hire , train , and retain hundreds of new graduate nurses . Training these new nurses to fill the vacancies will help us rebuild a strong healthcare workforce . The aggressive plan , which began in March 2022 , is to hire 180 graduate nurses this year , a nearly four-fold increase , to help us shore up our existing nursing gap .
All new graduate nurses ( GNs ) hired have the advantage of this oneyear residency program to help them as they begin their careers as nurses , providing the support they need to succeed . Similar to a medical residency , GNs will have classes , hands-on simulation exercises , and training at the bedside under the supervision of an experienced nurse . Ultimately , the program ensures quality , patient safety , job satisfaction , and reduces turnover rates .
According to Paula Jarmon , Director of Nursing Professional Development for the west region , “ Graduate nurses coming out of nursing school have a breadth of knowledge but little to no clinical experience . Since the pandemic , hospital doors have been closed to GNs , so they missed out on the intensive training

Ultimately , the program ensures quality , patient safety , job satisfaction , and reduces turnover rates . consisting of mentoring , shadowing , and clinical immersion , to prepare them to provide treatment to patients .”

The accredited program has established infrastructure and leadership and is helping make up for lost time . Educators come alongside the GNs and train them in a variety of skills and specialties . The cost per GN to participate in the 12-month residency program is
$ 16,500 .
Philanthropic Impact Philanthropy plays a key role in helping Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth expand this important program . A grant of $ 1 million from the Deena Jo Heide-Diesslin Foundation will fund the education and support of 60 graduate nurse residents . Through philanthropic support , Baylor Scott & White - Fort Worth can help alleviate the nursing shortage in Texas , close the gap in the current Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth nurse vacancies , and ensure new nursing graduates have the best chance of long and productive careers .
For more information on how on how the Foundation is supporting the Graduate Nurse Residency Program , please contact Amy Adkins at 817.922.7707 or Amy . Adkins @ BSWHealth . org .

Jonathan Moore , RN

Why did you decide to become a nurse ?
I wanted a profession where I am challenged . More importantly , I want to make a difference in the lives of those I care for , whether it is for five minutes or five weeks . Becoming a nurse provides so many opportunities to grow and allows you to achieve goals you did not believe to be possible .
What is the most rewarding part of your role ?
Building rapport with the patients , spending time at the bedside and getting more than their medical history , hearing those war stories . I tell my colleagues that as much we as nurses spend time educating the patients regarding their diagnosis , if we spend at least five minutes with them getting to know them , they often teach us something in regard to life you didn ’ t know you needed .
We are excited to announce that the Deena Jo Heide-Diesslin Foundation , has made a $ 1 million pledge as a matching challenge grant to address our hospital ’ s critical nursing shortage . This gift supports the Graduate Nurse Residency program at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth which prepares new nurses to transition into practice through clinical immersion and residency training .
Named after his wife who courageously fought ovarian cancer , the Deena Jo Heide-Diesslin Foundation was created by Dave Diesslin to build on Deena ’ s passion for empowering individuals through education . This gift is made both in memory of Deena and in honor of the nurses at Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth , not only for the support provided to his family , but also to recognize their heroic efforts during the past two difficult years .
We hope you will consider making a gift to help us meet this challenge .
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How is nurse residency program helping prepare you for bedside work ?
It paved the way toward the success I have had in the short time I have been with Baylor Scott & White . The clinical tools and resources are at your fingertips . The nurse residency program Baylor Scott & White provides and establishes a strong foundation for new nurse graduates .
What would you say to a someone considering nursing as a career ?
Improvise . Adapt . Overcome . Be willing to grow accustomed to changes . Nursing isn ’ t for fortune or fame . Nursing is hard ; if it was easy , everyone would do it . Find a specialty you ’ re passionate about and stay up-to-date on changes . Be a leader , not a follower . Arrive early but be prepared to stay late . You will miss birthdays , holidays , dinners , etc . Your colleagues will become your family .