The Chocolate Den e-magazine The Chocolate Den e-magazine April-June 2015 - Page 3

Hi All A big thanks to all of you who partook in the Easter Egg Charity Drive. We managed to make eggs for three charities and will be delivering them next week. Unfortunately we had many people who simply could not join due to our space limitations. We are working on that and hopefully by next year we would have figured out how to accommodate double the amount of people. This coming term I will be teaching lots and lots of chocolate classes, so if you missed out on the Easter eggs there's lots to look forward to in other classes. I will also be teaching some new classes such as cupcake and cake baking and decorating. Those of you who have been receiving the Chocolate Den e-mag since it’s inception, will notice that we have someone new onboard who is assisting with the mag. Felicity Goldstein has contributed her talents to give some of our recipe pages a new fresh and improved look. I was blown away with what she managed to achieve and particularly love the dessert chocolate page. A big thanks to her for our new look. Last edition I wrote about a little wild kitten that Jackie and myself moved from the Chocolate Den premisses to her house. Those of you who got to see it and it’s little sibling around will be delighted to hear of the successful outcome of the move. After hiding away for three weeks once arriving at its new home the kitten, now known as “The Tiglet” overnight let his presence be known. He now sleeps with Jackie, eats with Jackie and even showers with her. She took him yesterday to the vet to be checked and inoculated and was surprised to discover that he is not yet four months old, so really a little baby when he lost his sibling and was relocated. Thanks to S Jardin, T Class, C Moore, M Peterson and M Montanari for the pictures of their stunning cakes. They will each receive a R100 voucher from Chocolate Den for featuring their cakes in the e-mag This edition on the competition page we are giving away one airbush to some lucky person who enters the competition. It is usually valued at R1600.00 so if you have had your eye on one, start entering. The Tiglet Finally from all of us we would like to wish you a happy Easter, and to our Jewish customer a good Pesach.