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20 THE CHARBONNEAU VILLAGER January 2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR, CHARBONNEAU RESIDENTS By CLARA HOWELL A s the year draws to a close and a new year unfolds, it often provides a time for people to reflect. Perhaps people want to start fresh, try some- thing new, or set a goal. Some might aim to dedicate 2020 to new adven- tures, bettering themselves or mak- ing a change. Whatever your New Year’s resolution might be, reflect but don’t forget to continue moving forward. Below are some New Year’s resolution submissions from the Charbonneau community: “I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions, but I think that if pushed mine would be to STAY HEALTHY in order to take care of my family.” — Margie Wiesenthal “Wake up with a smile on my face and a good intention for the day!” — Judy Cain “My resolution is to try to live more in the moment, without regrets or worrying about what might or might not be coming.” — Lee Harker “My resolution is to do whatever I can do to stop the expansion of the Aurora Airport.” — Gary Newbore “I would like to improve my physi- cal well being, laugh more, enjoy ad- ventures with family and friends, re- duce stress and enjoy life.” — Kim Hosford “Here is my golf list: Stop taking gimmes when offered; putt it out at all times, take a lesson; nail down the fundamentals to hit it straight, create more memories with friends; organize more golf trips, play more golf at Charbonneau; make a hole in one. Here is my personal list: Visit parts of the Northwestern states that we’ve never seen before; Cathi, Jasper, me, canoe, R-pod, fishing rods, and golf clubs too. I resolve to eat less, buy less, drink less and TV less (and) read more, write more, walk more and love more.” — John McLain SpringRidge at Charbonneau By KERRY PHILLIPS SpringRidge residents make a splash about fi tness Shirley Treadwell and Sue Hand didn’t have to think long about one of the things that initially stood out and attracted them to SpringRidge at Charbonneau: the heated, indoor pool! “My friend moved to SpringRidge and told me I had to visit and look at the pool,” explained Shirley, who has lived at the active retirement community for almost four months. “When I saw how large and bright the pool was during a tour of the community, I was sold! Be- ing indoor and year-round, it was far different than the outdoor pool I was used to in McMinnville.” Shirley uses the pool “as often as pos- sible” and is particularly fond of the La- dies’ Water Exercise class offered Mon- days, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a.m. She credits the class, led by Charbon- neau resident and volunteer fitness in- structor Helen Heestand, with provid- ing a full-body workout, helping her to achieve her fitness goals. COURTESY PHOTO Residents particpate in water aerobics class to stay healthy. “One of the focuses of the class has been breathing techniques,” she said, “I’ve never been taught the importance of deep breathing exercises, and now I realize what a difference it makes both in and out of the pool.” Participants, known as the “Water Babies,” are reaping the many docu- mented health benefits of exercising in water, including cardiovascular stami- na, increased blood circulation and im- proved flexibility and strength. “Water fitness keeps you mentally and physically sharp and plays an im- portant role in longevity,” said Helen. “We’ve had people who could barely walk because of a bad knee or back problems regain their mobility. I enjoy seeing all the wonderful progress ev- eryone makes,” said Helen. Sue, a SpringRidge resident for over two years, knows firsthand the many benefits of water aerobics, having partici- pated in classes for nearly three decades. “I knew I wanted to continue making water fitness part of my exercise regi- men. I really get a good workout when I go in the pool, and it’s so easy on my body,” she said. “People don’t realize wa- ter fitness gives you just as good a work out as working out on ‘land.’ You burn calories and sweat though you probably notice it less since you’re in the water.” In addition to the physical aspects of the class, there’s also a social element. The ladies have developed great friend- ships with fellow “Water Babies.” The group recently hosted a holiday party, and Helen jokes it was so much fun see- ing everyone in “something other than their bathing suits.” The Ladies’ Water Exercise is just one of the many opportunities for health and wellness available at SpringRidge. The “My New Year’s resolution is to continue to create adventure and em- brace change, while staying true to myself.” — Clara Howell, Villager editor “In the new year I’m going to re- solve to learn how to turn down my overplanner mechanism and turn up my fun-o-meter. Is that so much to ask?” — Leslie Pugmire Hole, Wilsonville Spokesman editor “In 2020 my goal will be to lower my health and my golf score numbers!” — Mike Brown “Talk less.. listen more (and) fix my very weak golf game..” — Jim Donaldson community offers Aqua Aerobics on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the robust fitness calendar includes everything from yoga and tai chi to line dancing. “I’ve never been so spoiled and pam- pered, nor have I ever had such a vari- ety with unlimited options for exercise,” said Shirley. “I attend the Get Fit class twice a week too. It’s also had a positive impact on my overall health.” As people across the country set fit- ness-related New Year’s resolutions, Shirley, Sue and Helen encourage older adults to take charge of their health. “It’s hard to get started but take the first step,” advises Helen. “Don’t over- think it. If you want to try a water aero- bics class but worry you can’t keep up, just try it. No one knows what’s happen- ing under the water if you miss a move or two.” Sue concurs: Don’t be intimidated. Join a class. It will be lots of fun! Join us for the Ladies’ Water Exercise class. Don’t be concerned about how you look in a bathing suit. Our focus is on moving our bodies and improving our health! To learn more about SpringRidge at Charbonneau and our wealth of onsite fitness options, please call 503-446-6250. To schedule a personal tour of the CARF-accredited community or sample the lifestyle, please visit Spring-