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16 THE CHARBONNEAU VILLAGER January 2020 ‘REALITY THROUGH YOUR PRISM’ R inging in 2020 in the featured artist gallery in the Charbonneau Country Clubhouse, will be the intuitive and artistic photography of long-time resident, Elaine Swyt. She will be displaying her work during the months of January and February, presenting works from her landscape and nature collections on metal and acrylic glass media. Elaine likes to create photographs that draw you into the experience — to evoke that past memory, to anticipate as you too walk over that sand dune, to marvel in the miracle of a peony as it opens in the morning or is bathed in the twilight, to totally be absorbed by the colors of the seasons, or to simply want to experience unique moments of creation. “Reality through your prism” is captured through the lens of her DSLR camera. Although Elaine’s passion for photography spans decades, it is only in the last few years she has shared her art with us. As a volunteer with Charbonneau Arts for several years, she was first inspired and as she says, “summoned the courage” to show her work at the annual art festival in 2015, where she received a red ribbon for “Chapel in the Mist.” She continued to participate in the Charbonneau Arts gallery show, honored with three “People’s Choice” ribbons as she says, “to my total amazement.” Elaine hopes to finally retire soon from her web and graphic design business, which she founded and has managed since the early ‘90s. Although, she will continue for now, as editor of, and fulfill her board communication roles with the Charbonneau Women’s Association, Boys & Girls Aid Cypress Branch Auxiliary, and the Charbonneau Arts Association, she is gradually freeing up more time to dedicate to her photography. This past year, for example, she was juried into “Basil & Art” in Canby and “Art in the Burbs,” a large annual art show that benefits the Tualatin schools. She has also been invited to show at the “Portland Home & Garden Show” during the spring or fall of 2020. Elaine is also a member of the Three River Art Guild (TRAG), based in Oregon City, and affiliated with the Clackamas Art Alliance. Elaine hopes you enjoy her gallery show and thanks the CCC for the opportunity. Her work can be viewed also on her online gallery where you can purchase from her portfolio. Go to to find out more. COURTESY PHOTOS Elaine presents her work in 2019 at “Art in the Burbs,” a two-day festival in Tualatin. On a very windy coast of Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia, Elaine anticipates her next stop, which is the “March of the Penguins” at dusk. Elaine joined her younger sister, Denise, earlier this year for a six-week tour of New Zealand and Australia. Here, with her Canon in hand, she adds the Blue Mountains of New South Wales to her collection. Roger Arndt Amy Costello John Cronkrite Traci Cronkrite Donna Fox Marla Rumpf -Owner- Laura Greggs Steve Mallicoat Jan Panfilio 503-880-3774 503-504-6746 503-730-0128 971-404-6896 503-880-6300 503-939-8801 503-881-3738 503-313-3303 503-804-9519 Windermere Charbonneau Complimentary services: Feel welcome to stop by for a list of all Charbonneau homes currently for sale. 503-694-1011 Brokers Licensed in the State of Oregon