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14 THE CHARBONNEAU VILLAGER January 2020 CERT Training in Charbonneau proves to be success By GREG AND RACHEL LEO R ecently, the CCC Emergen- cy Preparedness and Pub- lic Safety Committee col- laborated with North Mari- on CERT to offer CERT training to anyone interested in learning how residents can constructively re- spond to emergencies. CERT stands for Community Emergency Re- sponse Team, and it is a training program designed by FEMA to train people in basic emergency response skills. These skills can be useful in natural or man-made disasters, but the course also teaches basic skills that come in handy at home for fam- ily and personal safety and helping your neighbors in case of medical, fire and other emergencies. There were 10 Charbonneau resi- dents who participated in the Novem- ber Charbonneau CERT Training, plus a resident from Rivergreen and two residents from Aurora. Musa Wolcott commented about the CERT training: “My motive for attending the workshop was to replace the inevita- ble victim feeling in a disastrous situ- ation to one of empowerment. After completing Basic CERT, I feel more confident having tools to help, not on- ly myself, but those around me.” Tere Bippes said, “I feel confident that I can now be an asset in an emer- gency situation instead of fretting on the sidelines. I can take charge and help my neighbors help each other. The training has inspired me to get my per- sonal act together and begin purchasing the basic preparedness supplies. It also opened my eyes to some likely scenari- os including people migrating into our Charbonneau Marina 2020 Moorage Season: April 1 - October 31 area who will also need help, so stock up for yourself and others.” Depending on the type of disaster, there is a high probability that the Charbonneau district could be cut off from resources in the rest of Wilson- ville (north of the river) and Clacka- mas County, which means that con- necting with the residents and com- munities in northern Marion County makes sense for preparedness and re- silience planning. Greg Leo, the local CERT Trainer who taught and coordi- nated the course at Charbonneau and will be teaching it again in Aurora in January, said in an interview: “Char- bonneau residents are on the same ‘island’ as your neighbors in Prairie View (just south of Charbonneau, across Miley Road) and those in the northwest part of Aurora. Getting to know the neighbors on your street CHARBONNEAU VI LL AG ER VOL. 42, NO. 2 Q FEBRUARY Q CHARBONNEA U, OREGON 2019 and also knowing some of the neigh- bors in nearby communities will be an asset in helping you to help each other until emergency responders arrive.” Depending on the type and scope of the disaster, it might be a matter of hours, days, or weeks that residents need to be self-sufficient. Leo went on to say, “The more knowledge, skills, supplies, and awareness that each us has, the more resilient we will be as a community. Convincing your neigh- bors to get prepared sounds challeng- ing, but once introduced to the idea many people embrace the proactive steps. Most people aren’t going to pan- ic and run away in a disaster, they will adapt to the situation, get medical attention for the injured and do any- thing they can to be helpful. “People are hardwired to come See CERT / Page 15 PRSRT. STD. U.S. POSTAGE PAID GRESHAM, OR PERMIT NO. 32 Inside the Villager New year, new management — Page 2 Thank you, Cindy! — Page 10 Singles club goes all female — Page 15 Changes for board nominations — Page 8 Plus Event Calendar, all club reports and more! Published by 2020 SEASON FEES: 20 foot slip 25 foot slip 30 foot slip Charbonneau Residents $1,000 $1,050 $1,100 Non-Charbonneau $1,200 $1,400 $1,700 To moor a boat or other watercraft at the dock please come to the CCC offi ce to fi ll out the paperwork, receive your assigned slip number, and pay the moorage fee. A $25 refundable key deposit is required in addition to the lease. Would you be interested in storing your kayak at the Charbonneau Marina? While this is not an option right now CCC is gauging interest. Please contact the offi ce at 503-694-2300 for more info. If you have questions, please contact the CCC offi ce at 503-694-2300. If you would like to tour the dock prior to signing a lease, please contact Rick at 360-771-7998 or With love in their hearts — Page 6 Protect What Matters Most JON HOUSE PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP PHOTO: ADVERTISE IN THE VILLAGER! Reach every resident in Charbonneau. Contact Jesse Marichalar 971-204-7774 Wills, Trusts, Probate, Medicaid Qualification Michael J. Rose 971-865-3171