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Who is Primož Trubar?

I met this intelligent man last week. Here is a report of our interview:

Trubar was born in the village of Rašica in the Duchy of Carniola, then under the Habsburgs. He attended school in Rijeka, and continued his education in Salzburg.

From Salzburg he went to Trieste under the tutorship of the Roman Catholic bishop Pietro Bonomo, where he got in touch with the

Humanist writers, in particular Erasmus of Rotterdam.

The bishop Pietro Bonomo assigned Trubar a priest position in Loka pri Zidanem Mostu and he enrolled at the University of Vienna, but did not complete his studies. From Vienna he returned to the Slovene Lands and became a preacher. He gradually leaned towards Protestantism and was expelled from Ljubljana in 1547.

In 1550, while a Protestant preacher in Rothenburg, he wrote the first two books in Slovenian Catechismus and Abecedarium, which were printed that same year in Schwäbisch Hall by Peter Frentz.

Trubar has written 22 books in Slovenian and two books in German. He was the first to translate parts of the Bible to Slovenian.. Trubar is the manager and supervisor of the South Slavic Bible Institute.

Jac P Thijsse College

Weather forecast

It’s getting colder, we are

preparing for a heavy winter.

It might turn into something

way stronger. We can’t look

that far yet. But what we can

see is that we’re facing some big trouble.

Climate Outlook

The weather is actually the same as it will be in 2016, although summer will be hot and there is a lot of snow in the winter. We can’t yet t measure temperature because the thermometer wont be invented until 1592.

Outlook for 1600 There will be a lot of water around 1600 and around 1607 there waill be a mini ice age and the climate will be really low.

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