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Style Guide

By Isa

Style Guide for men

At the moment fashion for men are breeches with a coat and a waistcoat. The coat needs to be really tight and short. The sleeves are from above to below the elbow. Decorated coats will show everyone how rich you are. The shirt and collar are mostly white and the bow on the collar is mostly red. The Spanish breeches are hot. These breeches fall above or below your knee. A real must have for men is the periwig, a white wig with curls. With this outfit you will look stunning!

Style guide for women

The fashion for women is a dress with loose sleeves and with a low neckline and dropped shoulders. The middle part needs to be tight just like a corset. The overskirt is like a double skirt. It looks like your skirt has a lot of volume. The hairstyle at the moment is a bun on the back of your head or curls that are almost framing your face.

Style guide for the poor

Wear whatever fits you. It probably cold outside. The poor people wear simple clothing which is handy for their work. But they didn’t have the rich luxury clothing but if you had something which was ok for the weather you were happy. Of course and it did not mattered if it looked good.