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Protestants Vs Protestants

A spokesman for religious affairs in the Low Countries declared that religious conflict exists between different branches of the protestant faith.

Violence has erupted between The Nederlands Hervormden, whose followers practice a Dutch form of Lutheranism dnd the Gereformeerden,

a sect of Orthodox Calvinists. It is expected that this group will continue to bee one of the most extreme Protestant movements in the Netherlands

for centuries to come.

clockwise from top

Our Lord in the attack from outside

Portuguese synagoge

Protestant church

our lord in the attack interior

Protestants and Jews

In 1685, the Edict of Nantes was repealed by the King of France. This meant that the Huguenots, a French form of Protestants, were summoned to

return to the Catholic Church or to be killed if found guilty practising Protestantism. This caused a mass migration of Protestants from Catholic countries

and a lot of them came to the Netherlands together with a lot of Jews, who had been given similar instructions in the past two centuries and had fled