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Goals , Strategy, success

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

Luke 2:52


•Godly Change - Students will continue to grow in their faith by following Christ and seeing His active involvement in their life through so many personal changes.

•Godly Habits -Students will have a growing knowledge of God’s Word and begin to take the stories they know and apply it to their lives and build Godly habits.

•Godly Mentoring -Students will have modeled before them adults who are growing disciples: Parents and Leaders who bring a consistent example and message of a growing Christian.

•Godly Disciples - Students will learn to Share, Connect, Serve, and Lead others to follow Christ.


•Build an enticing environment that will attract and keep preteens - both at church and online - a safe place and a place to have fun.

•Bible Study – weekly opportunities (Sunday morning and Wed. nights)

•Activities and Events – parenting conferences, camps, retreats, and more.

•Parent Partnering

•Build community through small groups and friendships

•Build commitment and growth through accountability and reward system

•Parent Ministry – coming together to learn how to help their kids navigate multiple changes in their lives and new spiritual questions

•Community Ministry – serving the community and inviting others to join the ministry to preteens and parents. In the future develop connections to schools.


I wish I could say we are looking to develop the perfect teenager. Don't get your hopes up - those don't exist.

Success for us is helping your child and their friends to discover that they are better prepared for the teen years than the average teen.

We want to see the following:


A desire to grow closer to God

Open lines of communication with Mom and Dad

Connected with other believers

Sharing Christ with their friends

Serving others

Prepared for Middle School and beyond.

8 iMagazine / April, 2013