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We defined the habits by asking this question: “What disciplines are important for lifelong, independent, spiritual growth?” Another way of looking at it is, “What are the habits you rely on to maintain an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ?” Here are our answers in no particular order of priority. We want our committed students to:

1.Have consistent time with God through prayer and Bible readings.

2.Have an accountable relationship with another believer.

3.Memorize Scripture.

4.Commit to the church body (not just the youth ministry).

5.Understand and participate in giving/tithing.

6.Study the Bible on their own (beyond reading).

Because we focus on the word “HABITS,” we have tried to put our actions in a form that is easy to remember. Committed students need:

Hang time with God

Accountability with another believer

Bible memorization

Involvement with a church body

Tithing Commitment

Study Scripture

So Mom and Dad -

How are you doing in these areas?

Sorry to put you on the spot but

we have to set the example.

Our kids catch way more than

what we just tell them!