The Bridge - Parents of Preteens - Page 6

followers and leaders

You would assume that this is all about what your PT will be as they head off to school or as they mature.

This one is actually for YOU!

We all need to be Followers and Leaders at the same time.

Going back to Deut 6 we see that we are to keep God's Word in front of our kids on a daily basis. No where does it say that we are to drop them off on Sunday and Wednesday and hope for the best that our kids grow up spiritually. Did that work for you?

Modeling - Setting the Example - Following Christ First!



So Let's guide our kids by doing. Become Disciple Makers!

Disciple Maker - does the following

B-Open (Become a Christian/Invite/ Share with others)

B-Committed (to Godly friendships)

B-Servant (to those in need)

B-Leader (and disciple others)

In order to do this we have to grow in our Faith and this means developing Godly HABITS and in life circumstances live out what we have learned.

6 iMagazine / April, 2013