The Books of the Bible The Prophets for Kids | Page 2

D A Y 1 GENESIS, PART 1 introduction to Genesis, part 1 The Creator God made his world. He wanted it to be his temple, the house where he lived. See the beauty of the creation and how much God loved it. And notice how important people are. Other nations saw people as the slaves of the “gods,” but God saw people as ruling with him over the creation. Instead of taking God’s offer to rule with him, the first people chose their own way. And this made the whole story go wrong. p In the be­gin­ning, God cre­at­ed the heav­ens and the ­earth. The earth ­didn’t have any ­shape. And it was emp­ty. T ­ here was dark­ ness over the sur­face of the w ­ aves. At that time, the Spir­it of God was hov­er­ing over the wa­ters. God said, “Let t ­ here be l ­ ight.” And ­there was l ­ ight. God saw that the ­light was good. He sep­a­rat­ed the ­light from the dark­ness. God called the ­light “day.” He ­called the dark­ness “­night.” ­There was eve­ning, and ­there was morn­ing. It was day one. God said, “Let ­there be a huge ­space be­tween the wa­ters. Let it sep­a­rate wa­ter from wa­ter.” And t ­ hat’s ex­act­ly what hap­pened. God made the huge s ­ pace be­tween the wa­ters. He sep­a­rat­ed the wa­ter un­der the ­space from the wa­ter ­above it. God ­called the huge s ­ pace “sky.” T ­ here was eve­ning, and ­there was morn­ing. It was day two. God said, “Let the wa­ter un­der the sky be gath­ered into one place. Let dry ­ground ap­pear.” And t ­ hat’s ex­act­ly what hap­pened. 7