The Books of the Bible New Testament for Kids | Page 3

8   Day 1  •  Lu k e-Ac ts, pa rt 1 re­port of ex­act­ly what hap­pened. I am do­ing this for you, most ex­cel­lent The­oph­i­lus. I want you to know that the t ­ hings you have been ­taught are true. p In the s ­ ixth m ­ onth af­ter Eliz­a­beth had be­come preg­nant, God sent the an­gel Ga­bri­el to Naz­a­reth, a town in Gal­i­lee. He was sent to a vir­gin. The girl was en­gaged to a man ­named Jo­seph. He came from the fam­i­ly line of Da­vid. The vir­gin’s name was Mary. The an­gel greet­ed her and said, “The Lord has ­blessed you in a spe­cial way. He is with you.” Mary was very up­set be­cause of his ­words. She won­dered what kind of greet­ing this c ­ ould be. But the an­gel said to her, “Do not be ­afraid, Mary. God is very p ­ leased with you. You will be­come preg­nant and give ­birth to a son. You must call him ­Jesus. He will be ­great and will be ­called the Son of the Most High God. The Lord God will make him a king like his fa­ther Da­vid of long ago. The Son of the Most High God will rule for­ev­er over his peo­ple. They are from the fam­i­ly line of Ja­cob. That king­dom will nev­er end.” “How can this hap­pen?” Mary ­asked the an­gel. “I am a vir­gin.” The an­gel an­swered, “The Holy Spir­it will come to you. The pow­er of the Most High God will cov­er you. So the holy one that is born will be c ­ alled the Son of God. Your rel­a­tive Eliz­a­beth will have a ­child even ­though she is old. Peo­ple ­thought she ­could not have chil­dren. But she has been preg­nant for six ­months now. That’s be­cause what God says will al­ways come true.” “I s ­ erve the Lord,” Mary an­swered. “May it hap­pen to me just as you said it w ­ ould.” Then the an­gel left her. p In ­those days, Cae­sar Au­gus­tus made a law. It re­quired that a list be made of ev­ery­one in the w ­ hole Ro­man ­world. It was the ­first time a list was made of the peo­ple w ­ hile Qui­rin­i­us was gov­er­nor of Syr­ia. Ev­ery­one went to ­their own town to be list­ed. So Jo­seph went also. He went from the town of Naz­a­reth in Gal­ i­lee to Ju­dea. That is w ­ here Beth­le­hem, the town of Da­vid, was.