The Books of the Bible New Testament for Kids | Page 2

DAY 1 LUKE-ACTS, PART 1 introduction to Luke-Acts, part 1 The story you’re about to read was written by a doctor named Luke. Luke wanted his friend Theophilus to know about Jesus, so he wrote a book. Two books, actually: the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. In the first book, God keeps a promise he made to the people of Israel (who were called Jews) by sending Jesus, their long-awaited King. But Jesus also invites non-Jewish people called Gentiles to follow him, because Jesus loves everyone. This was very good news, especially for Theophilus, who might have been a Gentile himself. Luke worked hard to make sure he got his facts right. He wanted Theophilus to know he could bet his life on this story. So Luke used many reliable sources. Can you guess what some of them might’ve been? Well, there were letters and speeches; songs and travel journals; notes from when people went to court; testimonies from eyewitnesses who knew Jesus; and more. As you read, remember: this is not just any story. This is the true story of Jesus. p Many peo­ple have at­tempt­ed to w ­ rite ­about the t ­ hings that have tak­en ­place ­among us. Re­ports of t ­ hese ­things were hand­ed down to us. ­There were peo­ple who saw ­these t ­ hings for them­selves from the be­gin­ning. They saw them and then ­passed the word on. With this in mind, I my­self have care­ful­ly ­looked into ev­ery­thing from the be­gin­ning. So I also de­cid­ed to ­write down an or­der­ly 7