The Books of the Bible Kid's Curriculum - Later Elementary | Page 7

STEP 4 | Going Home (5 min) Supplies: Family Page (1 per student) Teacher Prep: Print and photocopy the Family Page. • GIVE each student a copy of this week’s Family Page. • SAY: Give this page to your family when they pick you up. It will remind you to tell your family how God sent his Son, Jesus, as our Savior. • INVITE students to practice telling you what they remember about Jesus’ birth. • REVIEW today’s story and Key Idea as you wait for the students to get picked up. • HELP students practice saying today’s Key Verse from memory. • LEAD students to pray, thanking God for sending his Son, Jesus, to save us from sin. • REMIND students to prepare for next week’s lesson by reading The Books of the Bible for Kids, New Testament, Days 6-10. • REMIND each student to take home any activity sheets or craft projects and the Family Page. Later Elementary: Lesson 1 New Testament: Jesus Is Born Page 5