The Boiler Expert Magazine - The NTI Boilers Magazine Fall 2018 - Page 8

EXTENDING LOCAL REACH EXTENDING LOCAL REACH: NTI PARTNERS WITH WALES-DARBY Besides innovating great new products for our industry, one of the areas of focus at NTI Boilers is certainly providing the highest quality service and support to the industry for our contractor customer base. DOING ALL of that in-house can cause a slight bottleneck at times, especially when we need to keep up with a growing customer base and a growing demand. Over the years, we have actively sought out partnerships to help overcome that issue and extend our reach farther and wider while maintaining the same or higher quality of service that the market has come to expect from us. With that in mind, we at NTI are proud to announce that we have hired Wales-Darby as our new manufacturer representative for the northern New Jersey, New York City, and Long Island areas. Wales-Darby is a manufacturer representative with deep roots in the relationships they form with partners, friends, and family. Their work has spanned over five decades, connecting people to products and people to people. They are a full-service manufacturer’s rep with sales, engineering, and service teams that call on Wholesalers, Contractors, and Engineers. This in-house hydronics one-stop shop allows their sales team to have a wide reach and will help NTI get more feet on the ground for support in every facet of the boiler business. As a hydronics house, Wales-Darby has 8 two offices, one in Warren, New Jersey, and one in Islandia, New York, each having large warehouses and training facilities. Between the two locations, Wales-Darby has more than 80 employees. These resources provide dramatically increased support for all NTI customers in the northern Mid-Atlantic region, extending NTI capabilities with additional inventory, training capabilities, and specialised, on- site technical support. The Wales-Darby team has long been friends with both David Walsh, VP of USA Sales at NTI, and myself. Those relationships were forged through