The Atlanta Lawyer February / March 2019 - Page 21

have similar histories of long hours, heavy workloads, and the prescriptions of the profession be- ing all-consuming. Because of this, I decided to join the Atlanta Bar Association’s Wellness Committee. The Wellness Committee was es- tablished with the goals of educa- tion and creating awareness—all in the context of having fun, trying new things, and bringing Atlanta Bar Association members together. Awareness means letting lawyers know that they are not alone in their struggles, and education means telling lawyers where and how to receive support and train- ing for handling those struggles. While the members of the Com- mittee hail from all facets of the profession, from public defenders, to medical malpractice, to transac- tional work, and a judge, we have a singular purpose: protecting and restoring the physical and mental wellbeing of lawyers. Atlanta Bar Association Presi- dent, Nicole G. Iannarone offered this refreshing description of the Committee: “The Atlanta Bar Association Wellness Commit- tee enhances attorney well-being through education, activities, and resources that promote physical and mental health. Through active and fun events, the Committee builds community and healthier lawyers.” The Wellness Committee will focus on addressing issues rang- ing from mental health, physical health, alcoholism, drug addiction, and the general stress associated with being a lawyer. The Com- mittee will host regular meetings and events designed to be both fun and educational. The events will range from meditation, to histori- cal walks, to speakers engaging lis- teners with topics that advance the goals of the Committee. We might even try axe tossing and playing with puppies! But not both at the same time. The Wellness Committee will also work with established Atlanta Bar Association events and traditions. We are planning an exciting activ- ity in the month of April for the Atlanta Bar Association’s Member Appreciation Month. We also plan on having our own team at The Legal Run Around 5K Race, Walk and Tot Trot which takes place in September, usually the Saturday following Labor Day. We hope that you can join us. The band Queen’s popularity re- surfaced recently with the dynam- ic performance of Rami Malek as Queen front man, Freddie Mercu- ry, in the movie Bohemian Rhap- sody. As we reflect on the many burdens of lawyer life and seek to help relieve them, I can’t help but recount the lyrics of “Under Pressure: It’s the terror of knowing what the world is about/Watching some good friend screaming/’Let me out!/Pray tomorrow gets me higher/Pressure on people, people on streets.” 2 As lawyers, we are well acquainted with what the world is about, and many of us know friends crying out for help. We, as the Committee, are encouraged and energized by the idea of helping lawyers reach their absolute potential, which in- cludes mental and physical health. We look forward to serving the profession by helping lawyers find that much needed respite from the riotous life that is the practice of law. If you have a topic you would like the Committee to address or an activity you think would be ben- eficial to Atlanta Bar Association members, please contact Terri Bryant at 2 Mercury, Freddie and Bowie, David, “Under Pressure”, Hot Space, Queen and David Bowie, 1982, track 1, www. underpressure The Official News Publication of the Atlanta Bar Association THE ATLANTA LAWYER 21