The Atlanta Lawyer February / March 2019 - Page 14

E-filing in Cobb County: Questions & Answers E-filing now being mandatory, the Editorial Board asked Cobb County clerks, Rebecca Keaton the Clerk of Superior Court (Sup.) and Angie Davis, the Clerk of State Court (State) the following questions: 1) Do you currently have e-filing and if so for what type of cases? Sup: Civil cases only. State: Civil, including Garnish- ments and Dispossessory. attorneys and optional for self- represented parties. The mandate has been in effect since October 1, 2018 for Cobb Superior Court. State: It is mandatory to file on civil cases initiated after January 1, 2019. On civil cases prior to January 1st, you may file manual and/or eFile. 3) If you have e-filing, who are your providers? Sup: GreenCourt/Peach Court Legal Technologies. 2) Is it voluntary or mandatory? Sup: 1. E-filing is mandatory for 14 February/March 2019 State: GreenCourt/Peach Court Legal Technologies. 4) What are the unexpected ben- efits of e-filing? Sup & State: No longer having the challenge of locating the paper files. 5) What do you miss most about paper filing? Sup: One of the things we miss about paper filings is the face to face interactions with filers, regular local attorneys, their staff, and others. Another is the ability to have filers correct errors at the counter. Although rejection reasons are given electronically, sometimes things are misunder-