The Atlanta Lawyer April 2018 - Page 18

but does not answer their phone –instead of playing phone tag, just ask them to schedule a call on your booking page! Since I started using Schedule Once for my own law firm, I have been surprised at how enthusiastic clients and professional contacts have been about the scheduling software. Overall, the software saves me time and energy, and im- proves my accessibility to clients. As a solo, the automatic scheduling helps me maximize my availabil- ity; I spend more time on actual meetings, rather than on schedul- ing them. Also, the software gives my clients confidence in knowing they can always easily schedule a meeting with me, and the direct access to my calendar helps clients feel valued and appreciated. If you still have questions about scheduling software, you know how to get on my calendar! ▪ 18 April 2018 CLICK TO SEE COMPLETE PROGRAM DESCRIPTION & HOW TO JOIN IN!