The Anatomy of C.R.A.M.: The Prologue June 2021 | Page 7

The little black swirls into the white . The little white swirls into the black . Which precedes is not important . It is a balance that is needed , for balance creates harmony . Black and white dancing together . Not always in equal parts , but always needed for balance . Always needed for harmony . It is like when we add black peppers and salt . A balance that keeps other flavours in check .
It is like the eggshell and the egg inside . In that mixing of black and white , we see the spaces and colours in between . Like the first light that emerges from the night sky . We can admire the full range from silvery-white to heavenly-black that presents a lullaby for the eyes and spirit . In a way , it shows us the Way – one where we admire the contrasts of both the crest and the trough .

Yin and Yang : The Aesthetics of the film