The Anatomy of C.R.A.M.: The Prologue June 2021 | Page 6

The Four : C . R . A . M .

In the studio with the research team , there was constant dialogue regarding the choice of each term . While Zihao acknowledged that different individuals may use different words to describe the intent behind the action , he hopes that this C . R . A . M . structure would allow for people to come together and use a common vocabulary to understand one another .
As a start , Zihao presents C . R . A . M .: The Prologue . This film , from concept to animation , editing and sound design , is Zihao expressing the epistemology of C . R . A . M ..
Why do we say that “ dance is transcending ”? What does it mean to perform , dance and move ? What marks a practice as a unique fingerprint in the larger blueprint of dancing ? How can we make “ soulful dancing ”?
- Zhuo Zihao in conversation with Research Team
Zihao ’ s questioning is provoked by his observations of how dance has recently been created and performed . He wonders if we have lost sight of why we dance . Through C . R . A . M ., he proposes how we can look beyond the aesthetics and encourages us to dig deeper into the how and why we move ; to move with intention ; to move with meaning ; to move meaningfully ; to move not only with the body , but to move spiritually .
This accompanying writing foregrounds the conversations and thinking paradigm behind the creation of the film C . R . A . M .: The Prologue .
C . R . A . M .: The Prologue is the introduction to Zihao ’ s on-going effort to identify , articulate and demonstrate the culmination of his practice and thinking as a dancer , choreographer and teacher .