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Advancing 21 st Century Policing: The Arlington Police Department Report to the Community PILLAR 2: POLICY AND OVERSIGHT The Arlington Police Department is at the forefront of policy development. We work to ensure that our policies provide a solid foundation for safety and effectiveness for our officers while reflecting our community’s values. The department has adopted procedural justice as our guiding core values. We turn policy into practice every day through training, education and accountability. PILLAR 2 Some examples of policy development and oversight: Policies reflect our community’s values Through the Arlington Police Department’s many community outreach activities, APD has learned what our community values and what they want to see accomplished by their police department. These values include sanctity of life, equal and fair treatment by officers, transparency and trust. These values are reflected in the policies and procedures that define the mission of the Arlington Police Department. Use of force policy The Arlington Police Department’s Use of Force policies support the value the department places on the reverence for life. Our policies include requirements for the use of de-escalation techniques. We are also required to provide medical care if force is used. Police Chief Will Johnson talks about the state of policing on a nationally-syndicated urban radio program with Rock-T. Racial/bias-based profiling Department policy strictly prohibits officers from engaging in racial and bias-based profiling. The Arlington Police Department remains vigilant when it comes to fair and just treatment of those with whom we interact. Self-initiated contacts with members of the public are based on behavior and not personal characteristics. These policies and their implications are taught in the Police Academy and throughout an officer’s career through in-service training. Trust and Transparency The Arlington Police Department values the trust we earn from the community every day. We want to maintain that trust through open communication and transparency. We are dedicated to ensuring that our policies and procedures are as transparent as possible. We believe it is imperative to listen to community concerns and turn those valuable co