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Advancing 21 st Century Policing: The Arlington Police Department Report to the Community BUILDING TRUST AND LEGITIMACY Law enforcement establishes a culture of transparency and accountability In 2016, the Arlington Police Department took part in a pilot program to test several types of body worn cameras. This program took a close look at how technology could be used to help meet department goals and provide a measure of transparency and accountability with the public. Other examples of transparency and accountability range from public crime data reporting on the website to the formal presentation of the State of the Police Department/Annual Report to the community. APD Annual Report publications over the years. National Night Out: Taking a stand against crime! The community is a factor when implementing crime fighting strategies One of the best examples of community involvement in crime fighting is National Night Out. In a comparison of U.S. cities with populations greater than 300,000, Arlington ranks #2 in the nation in National Night Out participation. This program is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch. Around the country, National Night Out is a celebration of police and community partnerships. Officers visit neighborhoods to thank residents for their active participation in crime prevention efforts. National Night Out is an opportunity for non- enforcement activities with the public as well. This is another platform for dialogue to take place as questions arise from the community about crime, police policies and tactics. Citizen volunteer programs, including Neighborhood Watch Groups and Citizens on Patrol, also play an important role in the department’s crime fighting strategies. Community rates satisfaction with police services To measure satisfaction with city services, the City of Arlington conducts annual surveys. Arlington residents have consistently had good things to say about their city and their Police Department. In the survey, residents also note areas for improvement as well. All survey results are posted on the City of Arlington website. The APD website is also a platform for the public to notify the department about its satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a service. Achieving diversity in the workforce An important component of effective policing in Arlington is our efforts to maintain a law enforcement agency whose personnel reasonably represent the diversity of the community we serve. The purposeful recruitment of qualified candidates has allowed us to increase our number of female applicants. We are also working to increase the recruitment of gender and ethnic/racial applicants. Presently, 51 percent of the APD uniform staff represents a protected employment class. Residents rate their satisfaction. 5