Teach Middle East Magazine Jan-Feb 2018 Issue 3 Volume 5 - Page 7

The design of Learning Rooms ch d it : M o n ar P h o to cr e P h o to c re d it : V S Ve re GmbH in ig te S & Co K p e z ia lm G ö b e lf a b ri k e n At Gratnells, we’re a manufacturing organisation which provides a vital element in the landscape and environment of education. We’re part of a movement that understands how crucial the physical place of learning is to a child’s well-being, safety, sense of belonging and development. What’s more, this applies to all children, irrespective of their skills and talents. What we do must take account of the immense diversity that is in our schools and colleges. Together with a whole range of partners and collaborators we’ve co-developed new ideas in the application of digital technologies, in the performing arts, in outdoor learning, in all the places where teachers teach gned sp ac e d e si Le ar n in g : it d e cr P h o to and children learn. b y zi o xi “ Good school design has a positive impact on educational outcomes and can contribute to a significant uplift in academic progression.” Better Spaces for Learning, Royal Institute of British Architects Information and Order Hotline... Tel: 01279 401550 w w w. g r a t n e l l s . c o m Pic tu re c re d it : L e a rn in g spac e d e s ig n ed by z io x i