Style Guide | Page 8

LIFE UNIVERSITY SPECIFIC Department Capitalization Capitalize the names of departments except when used in a person’s title: The Marketing Department recently hired a new marketing project coordinator. Use lower case for the word “department” when it stands alone: According to the English Department, Professor Miller has been with the department for seven years. Capitalize the field when it’s used to mean the department. Use lower case for the field when it’s used in a general sense: He teaches in the Clinical Sciences Department. He is a clinical sciences professor. Quarters Always capitalize the full name of the quarter: Spring Quarter Summer Quarter Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Academic Majors Use lower case for degree programs, unless used as a University program or department (see previous): She is earning her dietetics degree. She is a dietetics student. She is enrolled in LIFE’s Dietetics program. (NOTE: In this instance, “program” is lowercase). Life University Style Guide | 8