Style Guide | Page 7

LIFE UNIVERSITY SPECIFIC LIFEforce 1000 Always capitalize LIFE and lowercase “force” as one word as shown: DC supporters of Life University are encouraged to join LIFEforce 1000. Alum/na/nus/ni One male is called an alumnus; multiple males are alumni. One female is called an alumna; multiple females are alumnae. Multiple graduates of mixed sex/gender are alumni even if only one male is present. Hyphens vs. No Hyphens Use “postgraduate”—one word, no hyphen: Please contact the Postgraduate Department. Use “outpatient”—one word; no hyphen: C-HOP is Life University’s outpatient clinic. Use “coursework”—one word; no hyphen: You must complete all coursework with a GPA of 3.5 or higher to be eligible. Use “prerequisites”—one word; no hyphen: You must complete all prerequisites before applying to the D.C. program. Use “wellbeing”—one word; no hyphen: The safety and wellbeing of the entire LIFE community is paramount. Use “lifelong”—one word; no hyphen: Striving for your optimal potential is a lifelong journey. Use “Work-Study”—one word; hyphenated and capitalized: Work-Study students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. Use ”email”—one word; no hyphen: Life University’s email address is Life University Style Guide | 7