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LETTER & EMAIL WRITING General Rules of Business Letter Writing Abbreviations Do not use abbreviations like “univ.,” “dept.,” “asap,” etc., unless it is awkward to spell something out: Please call the Life University Marketing Department as soon as possible to retrieve your Student ID card. *In this example, “ID” is an exception, because it is awkward and unnecessary to write “Student Identification card.” However, “Department” and “as soon as possible” are not abbreviated. Other exceptions are outlined in the “Life University Specific” section and include acronyms, degrees, etc. Greetings/Salutations For formal business letters, the salutation is NOT the same as the name in the address line: Address line: Mrs. Shelly Batcher Life University 1269 Barclay Cir. Marietta, GA 30060 Salutation line: Dear Mrs. Batcher, Dear Shelly, (if you know her personally) Life University Style Guide | 11