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LETTER FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT St. Johns Members, It doesn’t feel like winter yet, but we are in its season. Cooler night temperatures and heavy rains combined with the limited sunshine at the end of December have presented some unique challenges for the course and greens. We are monitoring our moisture control on the putting surfaces to keep the greens hydrated, but not saturated. During these fluctuations of rain, temperature, and daylight you may notice the greens color change slightly day to day. As we stabilize conditions, they will become more consistent in their appearance. Our newly patched areas will feel the effects more drastically than the remaining putting greens, but we are providing regular fertilization to these areas to keep these spots healthy through winter. We are working to address the back-left area of #1 in the upcoming days. The tree roots and shade from the Oak Tree behind the green are causing condition issues. We will be cutting a deep trench along the back of the green that will be roughly 6 inches wide and 24 inches deep. This will prune any roots that have made their way into the green and allow for additional water flow to move off the green. Lastly, our pre-emergent application has been completed through the course for winter annuals. Moving through the next several months, post emergent sprays will be applied for any weeds that may sprout. Our weed pressure has been decreasing over the last several years, thanks to healthy playing conditions. Let’s all hope for warm temperatures and sunny days in the months to come! Thank you, Andy Maguire Superintendent 7