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NOTE FROM THE LESSON TEE The Modern GOLF (Not Just Swing) Evaluation-January With the New Year upon us, it is a great time to take stock of our golf games and develop a plan of action to achieve our “Golfing Resolutions”. Throughout the history of the game, instructors and players addressed only three components for improvement: 1. Instruction: Teaching Short Game, Full Swing, Basic Shots 2. Psychology: Dealing with the Stress and Physiological Response of Golf 3. Equipment: Ensuring the proper fitting and set make-up Of course, if we focus on these pillars of the game we can improve, but with today’s technology and knowledge we can develop a more in-depth plan for improvement and analysis. The Modern Golf Evaluation includes a more comprehensive approach and allows the instructor as well as the student to identify both the strength and weaknesses of each player. The goal of the Modern Golf Evaluation is to create a detailed “Player Profile” to quickly target areas for improvement by assessing the following: 1. History-Physical, Playing, and Instructional History 2. Basic Technique Evaluation-Swing Characteristics and Style 3. Shot Making Ability-Predominant Ball Flight 4. Course Management-Play to your Strengths, Practice your Weaknesses 5. Equipment-Are your club working for you, or against you 6. Mental Evaluation-Comfort Zone 7. Physical Conditioning-Flexibility, Mobility, and Strength 8. Interpretation and Prioritization of Data 9. Report of Findings The greatest benefit of the Modern Golf Evaluation is creating an understanding of how the entire game works together and not becoming overly focused on an individual component of a round. True, long-lasting improvement is developed incrementally when all facets of the game are working together. Play Well, John Mousley PGA, TPI 6